Friday, April 17

Adventure Inspirations  (7:00pm US EDT)

What are the books, films, or series that inspired us to write action-adventure. 

How have they impacted us as writers?

Moderator: Nick Thacker

Panelists: Kirsten Moore, Sean Ellis, Kevin Ikenberry

The Essentials of Adventure (8:00pm US EDT)

What are the “essentials” for writing an amazing adventure story?  

What do you value most out of an adventure story both as a reader and writer?

Moderator: Sean Ellis

Panelists: Kirsten Moore, Derrick Ferguson, David Wood

Saturday, April 18

Indiana Jones  (12:00pm US EDT)

Why do we love Indiana Jones and what can the modern adventure writer learn from this classic film series?

Moderator:  David Wood

Panelists: Kevin Tumlinson, Derrick Ferguson

The Language of Adventure  (1:00pm US EDT)

Tropes, terms, and techniques every adventure writer should know.

Moderator:  Kevin Tumlinson 

Panelists:   JF Penn, David Wood, Kevin Ikenberry

What I Learned From…  (2:00pm US EDT)

Analyzing the storytelling techniques of popular adventure and thriller authors.

Moderator:  David Wood

Panelists:  JF Penn, Joseph Nassise, Kevin Tumlinson

Plotting Your Adventure  (3 :00pm US EDT)

How to effectively structure a thrilling adventure!

Moderator: Jim Heskett

Panelists: Kevin Ikenberry, Joseph Nassise, Nick Thacker


Cryptids,  Conspiracies, and Classic Fiction  

(4 :00pm US EDT)

Monsters, aliens, cults, and conspiracies. Examining classic themes and the modern books and authors that are carrying on the tradition.

Moderator:  Sean Ellis

Panelists:  Joseph Nassise, David Wood

Armchair Travel  (5:00pm US EDT)

How to write a rich and believable globe-hopping adventure without leaving your desk chair!

Moderator:  Nick Thacker

Panelists: Joseph Nassise, Kirsten Moore


Writing from the Female POV (6:00pm US EDT)

Tips and techniques for authentic writing from the female point of view.

Panelists: Kimberli Bindschatel, Kirsten Moore, Jim Heskett

Clive Cussler Roundtable (7:00pm US EDT)

Discussing Clive Cussler’s impact on the contemporary action-adventure genre. Favorite Cussler novels. 

Panelists: Boyd Morrison, Sean Ellis, David Wood